Power BI Blog Porfolio: Summer 21 refresh

The “Summer Refresh” for the powerBImap Blog Portfolio is a great one – we have 5 new blog sites (adding up to 85 now – we will hit the 100 this year!), and they are all really worth having a look:

  • Hari’s BI is a Youtube blog coming from India with more than 3.000 subscribers and has a lot of in-depth content (many long and very helpful videos) about ALL you need to set up your reporting applications with Power BI. Great work – unfortunately we have not been able to identify the owner of the Blog in LinkedIn, so if you read this please contact us so that we can add a link to you (if you like).
  • Great to have a new channel in German language – most of the Blogs are in English, but many users prefer to watch content in their local language: Andreas Thehos is very well known with his 50k subscribers channel in Youtube, and he is a real expert in Excel (if you are heavy Excel user, have a look at his non-PBI content also). He has a couple of great German videos about Power BI, not surprisingly he is an expert in combining Excel and PBI also. By the way: His bubble size and popularity is calculated on PBI content only (we do that for all combined offerings)
  • Pragmatic Works is a very well known US based service provider for Power BI and other Microsoft technologies, and they really invest in a Youtube channel with 50k+ subscribers. You will find a lot of free training material, tons of content about Power Apps and more. Have a look both at their classical blog at https://blog.pragmaticworks.com/ as well as their Youtube channel. 
  • MSDW is highly specialised on Microsoft Dynamics, but has started to add a lot of content about Power BI, reflecting the growing adoption of Power BI in the Dynamics user group. Very interesting site if you are a Dynamics user – and worth a visit also if you are only looking for Power BI content.
  • And last but not least let me introduce one of my personal favorites we found this month: Kerry Kolosko offers a lot of content with step-by-step instructions for visualization topics in and around Power BI. She comes from Australia (our 8th Blog from down under, Power BI seems to be very popular there) and supporting new and young blog offerings with great content is really important to us. We really enjoyed exploring her site – and we hope you will agree!

Within the German blogging community, Markus Wegener with “Think BI” and Artur König with “Data Unity” have started a race for the largest and best positioned bubble. Markus is still in the lead, but Artur is catching up after re-evaluating the content and the popularity of the blogs. Generally, we re-evaluate all blogs every now and then which leads to new positions and bubble sizes. 

Content Browser

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