Power BI Blog Porfolio: September 21 update

We have September 2021, and that means that the Power BI Blog Portfolio (link to the interactive PDF) is now one year old, and this was the right moment to give the layout a little refresh and to update some details, but let us first introduce our 6 new blogs (highlighted with red text in the portfolio) this month:

  • Effective Dashboards is a great Youtube channel from the UK – Jason covers many topics about reporting & visualisation and gives a lot of hints how to create better dashboards. Many very detailed and long videos!
  • Mitchell Pearson is a relatively new Youtube channel and covers a lot of Azure and Power BI topics, his channel will also appear in the next release of the Azure Analytics Blog Portfolio.
  • The White Pages is the personal blog of John White, a MVP and real expert, CTO of UnlimitedViz – he covers also topics about integrating SharePoint and Power BI and his very detailled step-by-step instructions are very helpful.
  • Nolock started earlier this year, and the blog looks very promising and is clearly targeting the more technical oriented Power BI user, also covering Azure specific topics for Cloud BI architectures.
  • Clearly Cloudly from UK is offering one of the largest podcasts about Power BI, Data and Analytics and also has a “traditional” blog section. A must visit for all podcast fans!
  • And finally we are happy to welcome our first blog in Slovenian language from B2 BI, which seems to be a major provider of Microsoft based BI solutions there. Great to have another language included – the October update will finally have Spanish and French Power BI blogs covered.

And now let us talk about the other updates in September:

  • First of all we took the opportunity to reevaluate ALL 87 blogs of the portfolio, collecting the information about domain rating, backlinks, number of updates and Youtube subscribers, which led to a couple of new positions and bubble sizes. Two examples of blogs that have greatly improved their position: BI Elite with more than 50% growth in subscribers within one year and Radacad
  • To give users a better navigation through the numerous blogs, we have marked two new special topics with “AI” and “Reporting”. Just like “DAX” and “Power Query”, these topics are displayed with a colored ring. This means that in these blogs you will find many contributions to these topics (but also others)
  • We reevaluated the method how to calculate the popularity of the sites reflecting the high number of Youtube channels in the list of blogs, even some traditional well-known blog sited like Curbal have switched to mainly Youtube content meanwhile. Additionally, we gave the number of backlinks a higher priority.
  • New blogs will appear in red font starting from this month (and other optical finetuning)
  • We skiped the symbol for “Video”  – Video content is becoming so popular that more than half of the blogs provide it now – we don’t see this as a special group anymore.
And here are two more interesting statistics about the blog portfolio – first, a look at the countries the blogs come from. Although the vast majority of blogs are English-language, the blogs come from all over the world:
And now that numerous blogs are being run as Youtube channels, a look at the ranking by subscribers – Guy in a Cube is the first blog to pass the 200k subscribers mark:

Content Browser

Don’t forget to visit the complementary “Content Browser” (400+ content items now!) on powerBImap also – it combines the best articles and videos from ALL blog sites (smaller niche offerings as well as the big ones) and gives you a nice way to navigate to great content and find new interesting blogs:

  • The Blog Portfolio is the perfect starting point for your journey through the ecosystem, you can start with the most well-known blogs and then find sites that are focused on your specific needs
  • The Content Browser will help you to quickly find what you are looking for if you are searching for a specific answer and aggregates the best content from ALL blogs, including small and specialized ones. You can browse over multi blogs with questions like “which beginner videos are offered if I want to learn DAX?” or “how do I create a balance sheet report in Power BI”

The Content Browser is community based – please support us with liking great content – and adding links to new content, which takes less than a minute and does not require registration! (try “add content” in the Content Browser)

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