Power BI Blog Porfolio: Q1 / 2022 update brings you 100 blogs for Power BI

Our first update to the Power BI Blog Portfolio in 2022 (click here for the interactive PDF version with links to all blogs) is quite extensive – we’ve added 13 new blogs (shown in red in the PDF), so we’ve reached the number of 100 Power BI blogs. If you are interested how the positions and bubble sizes are calculated, see “About the Blog portfolio”

This time, we add our first blogs in Spanish and Portuguese language, so let us start with the non-English blogs we have added:

  • Ivan Arribas from wonderful Barcelona is offering on his “Vanalytic” website a great set of tutorials in Spanish language about Power BI, machine learning and other topics. Definitly a great starting point if you want to explore the Power BI world in Spanish language!
  • Empowerdata comes from Brazil and has already 6k+ subscribers for their young Power BI youtube channel in Portuguese language. You will find Excel, Power BI and Phython content there!
  • Fabio Basler is offering a new German Youtube channel with a lot of Power BI, Excel and AI content – a very good example for why we are doing the work with the Blog Portfolio, he is a young professional, sharing his knowledge in a great way – and we hopefully can help him to get more visibility. Definitly worth a visit for all getting into Python and AI and prefer the German language – or who want to finally master the S-Verweis function in Excel 🙂
It’s nice to see blogs launching not only in English, but in other languages as well, since most new blogs publish in English to reach a wider audience – even though blogs come from all over the world. Help us with proposals for new blogs to add and e-Mail powerbimap@bi-survey.com.

Here are the new additions in English language:

  • Mynda Treacy is a Microsoft MVP and in her extremely popular Youtube channel “MyOnlineTrainingHub” with almost 400k subscribers, you will find tons of well done tutorials about Power BI and Excel – if you are new to Power BI, try the “How to Build Power BI reports from start to finish” tutorial. She is coming from Australia – the #1 region in terms of Power BI blog density.
  • ML for Analytics is a classic blog as well as a Youtube channel which specializes not only inMachine Learning, but also provides great content especially on the data modeling concepts behind Power BI 
  • Bas and his “How to Power BI” Youtube channel has already 23k+ subscribers and is popular not only for his #shorts, which are short, one minute Tipps & Tricks videos around Power BI. Strongly recommended!
  • Zebra BI is a well known vendor offering popular reporting and IBCS add-ons for Power BI, and also offers a growing Youtube channel, which provides great content not only for its customer base, but for all interested in advanced financial reporting in Power BI – that’s why we added it to our list. Generally, we add vendor blogs only if they offer content beyond their own products. 
  • Esbrina is a Spanish Power BI service provider also offering an excellent and content-rich classic blog in English with all typical topics like modeling and reporting
  • Chandoo offers a very popular blog with 164k+ subscribers, initially focused on Excel (very valuable content for Excel users, e.g. see this Tipps & Tricks video) – he started to add a lot of Power BI content, that’s why we are happy to add his Youtube channel to our list 
  • DapperDash is a new Youtube channel which helps beginners in Power BI with useful tutorials like “Tips to get started with DAX”
  • And finally we found two new blogs with (almost) identical name: “Power BI Guy” as well as “The Power BI guy”. Both are definitely worth a visit – The first one is coming from Ben Ferry and offers nice talks with Power BI experts as well as interesting content mainly about reporting and visualization. The second one has a stronger focus on modeling and DAX – and we couldn’t yet identify the person behind the channel.

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